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Year 8 exams and revision

17 May 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

This letter includes some guidance on revision materials in preparation for the Year 8 summer examinations which take place in the week beginning Monday 12 June and the details of a parent information evening about the examinations.

As you are aware, the Academy uses external papers, set by the Independent Schools Examination Board (the ISEB 13+ examination), to assess our pupils at the end of Year 8. This is to better prepare the pupils for the new tougher GCSE examinations which will be sat nationally in all subjects from 2018. In addition, these exams provide a good opportunity for us to benchmark our pupils’ progress using external assessments.

We will be holding an assembly during the school day leading up to the exam when we will talk to the pupils about the exams and how to revise. There is also a parent meeting on Wednesday 24 May 6pm-7pm. This will be an opportunity to hear more detail about the ISEB exams and to hear some advice from school leaders about how best to support your child, both in preparing for and taking the exams. Please complete the attached reply slip to confirm your attendance

There are revision books and past papers available for pupils from the Galore Park website and if parents want to buy these, the relevant subjects are: maths, English, science, history, geography and languages (Spanish, French or German depending on which language they are studying). Another useful website is Gojimo which is a free online ISEB revision site. Please note that the school library has a range of text and ISEB revision books for all subjects which pupils can borrow in the normal manner. Remember that all pupils already have a text book for maths.

Finally, a note on homework. Pupils should be doing 1 hour on most nights and as the exams approach that homework time should be used for revision. Of course many of the pupils also have other commitments such as sport or music lessons which are also important. As parents please encourage your child to get a good balance of activities, rest and book work, so that they are all the time developing their ability as independent learners, able to succeed academically and to thrive as individuals.

Yours faithfully

Ms V Linsley

Y8 ISEB Parent Information Evening: Wednesday 24 May
Please return to Kim Turner-Wood

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