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Photo of SMMA students on their visit to Sky Studios
SMMA students on their visit to Sky Studios

Year 8 and Year 9 visit Sky Studios

26 April 2018

Two groups of Year 8 and Year 9 students were recently invited to spend the day at Sky Studios. Their exciting trips were a special reward for making excellent progress this year.

Each group had a fantastic day looking around the studios, meeting staff, trying out different aspects of programme–making, examining the cameras and producing their own news report.

Students met Pentathlete Francesca Summers, and even took part in a real Sky show, Game Changers, to be broadcast later this year. You can watch their news report on our Facebook page.

In our students’ own words:

Rayane: I enjoyed making the news report because I got costumes and did everything a reporter might do.

Sitie: I enjoyed using the green screen, the camera and being a fake news presenter. It was really fun.

Bowie: I liked the editing and trying the outfits. We had a great time.

Vivian: I enjoyed spending time in the booths by ourselves.

Lemaya: The weather was good, it was a really good experience.

George: I enjoyed the free time we had with the equipment.

Diego: I enjoyed the bit where we saw all the lighting and when we saw the news reports.

Rudi: I liked when we had free time with the equipment.

Jack: I enjoyed when we were making the videos and meeting new people such as the staff of Sky studios.

Angel: I enjoyed using the set products and recording in the studio.

Habil: I enjoyed being a director, it was fun to see how you record.

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