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Photo of Year 10 business students open for business in the Forum
Year 10 business students open for business in the Forum

Year 10 mean business!

12 July 2018

Our Year 10 business students recently took on a big challenge. Working in teams, they competed to make the biggest profit from a £10 investment.

The challenge put all their business skills into practise: they planned a group name and brand identity, bought ingredients or products to sell, set their pricing structure, and negotiated an optimum pitch in the Forum or playground for a pop-up shop.

Friday 29 June was sales day! At 3.30, the Forum and playground were buzzing with hungry students all looking for an affordable treat. And there were plenty on offer: fresh fruit smoothies and homemade lemonade, brownies and cupcakes, strawberry and marshmallow kebabs (with an impressive chocolate fountain), waffles with a range of sauces, slushies, ice cream and much more.

All the students worked hard and the event made an impressive gross revenue of £225 – of which £105 was profit. The school charity MSF will receive 50% of this, while the other 50% will fund a treat for the winning team.

Congratulations to our enterprising winners, whose milkshake stall – cleverly located in a prime position next to the General Office – took a cracking £38.86!

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