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What our students say

‘St Mary Magdalene Academy is a great place to study. The teachers not only take pride in their subjects but they also enjoy teaching us and pushing us to do our best.’ Britney, Year 12

‘My teachers inspire me, giving me the support to reach my full potential.’
Erza, Year 13

When you study here you’re treated as a person with the ability to help everyone and everything for the better - Casey Year 13

‘I’m pleased I chose St Mary Magdalene because it has allowed me to challenge myself and has pushed me to new heights.’ Christine, Year 13

‘The teachers are very professional and willing to help at any time.’ Addison, Year 13

‘Studying here you are treated as equals.’ Isabella, Year 13

‘St Mary Magdalene Academy has opened me to appreciate new perspectives. And being an external student, the teachers and students have really welcomed me.’ Britney, Year 12

I’m happy I chose SMMA because of the great quality of teaching, the resources available to me, and the friends I have made - Vita Year 13

‘The teachers are the perfect balance between friendly and strict. So you have fun whilst learning.’ Ella, Year 13

‘It’s an enjoyable environment.’ Julia, Year 13

‘It has a pleasant atmosphere, hard–working students, and supplies the support I need for my studies.’ Caleb, Year 12

‘When you study here, you’re treated the same as everyone else… with respect!’ Virginia, Year 13

‘The students we met were gorgeous – a memorably impressive bunch and the sort any parent would be proud to boast about.’ The Good Schools Guide 2015

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