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Photo of SMMA students taking part in Operating Theatre Live
SMMA students take part in Operating Theatre Live

Sixty surgeons in school

10 May 2018

Last Thursday, our school hall was transformed into a mobile operating theatre for a unique and inspiring event: Operating Theatre Live.

Sixty students from Year 9 were briefed by leading human anatomist Samuel Piri and his team of professional medics.

The eager pupils learned to administer anaesthetic, identify the major organs, and make incisions. Then – dressed in professional hospital scrubs – our students conducted real live dissections of animal organs in a series of operations on simulated human ‘patients’.

In the words of one student: ‘It was weird seeing the pig organs, but a real eye opener.’

Another student puts it perfectly: ‘It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It allowed me to see the ins and outs of biology, and I enjoyed dissecting the pig’s eye!’

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