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Photo of Team Solidarity making their pitch in the Dragon's Den
Team Solidarity make their pitch in the Dragon's Den

Sixth Formers in the Dragons’ Den

12 January 2017

A group of our Year 12 students recently earned praise from business leaders, in the Community-Apprentice Pitching Challenge.

The ten-month competition – based on TV show The Apprentice –requires students to develop and demonstrate key business skills. It is recognised by the Department of Education as an effective model for employer engagement, inspiring students to develop their employability skills while tackling real-life problems.

Students work in teams to develop their plans, then compete against other London schools to pitch to the ‘dragons’ from management consultancy Baringa Partners. But in this case, their plans are not about making the most money, but making the biggest positive impact on their community.

Working as Team Solidarity, our Sixth Formers’ aim is to raise awareness around discrimination and affect positive behaviour change in children and young people. Their plan is to hold school assemblies in primary and secondary schools, tailoring the presentations to their audience. And they’re also exploring the idea of a community consultation to discuss and debate discrimination in Islington.

Already, they’ve worked hard to set a clear goal, identify relevant activities, allocate responsibilities, set deadlines, identify resources and produce a budget.

Pitching in the Dragon’s Den

Last term, our students entered the Dragons’ Den! In the intimidating surroundings of the original BBC Dragons’ Den warehouse in north London, Team Solidarity pitched in front of the panel and other schools, bidding for funding to help implement their plans as well as feedback to help them improve their impact.

Baringa’s Managing Partner Adrian Bettridge was full of praise, saying ‘They were so enthused about their projects and the pitch was very well thought out. Congratulations to everyone who took part!’

Join Envision!

Year 12 students can join Envision any time – and get free external Business Mentoring sessions, too! If you’re passionate about tackling discrimination, then join Team Solidarity now and you could win the title of London Community-Apprentice 2017 (just like our team did last year). Or if you have ideas for a different kind of social change,  there’s still time. Just come along to H10 on Thursdays between 3.30pm and 4.30pm and join the rest of the students and Rosie from Envision.

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