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Photo of Primary and Secondary pupils wearing the SMMA uniform

Secondary School uniform list

The Governors have ruled that this is a uniform school. All pupils are therefore required to wear full uniform while at school, on their way to and from school and on visits where uniform is specified. The uniform is designed to be economical and sensible, it is also designed to give the pupils a clear sense of belonging to the school and to remove competitive logo wearing from the school. Please see the Dress and Uniform policy for full details.

Compulsory uniform

Academy blazer with house ribbon
Grey knee length skirt or tailored grey school trousers
White shirt with top button
Academy tie
Socks or tights: black, grey or navy (without trimmings)
Plain black leather shoes

Note: Leather converse and other ‘leisure’ style shoes are not acceptable. Shoes should not be suede or have studs. They should be polished school shoes.

Rucksack or bag

Academy rucksack or plain navy/black rucksack/bag able to accommodate an A4 book without bending (to be acceptable a logo must not be bigger than the Academy blazer badge).

Note: Handbag style bags with studs and tassels are not suitable for school.

Religious headscarves and turbans

Plain and black, white, grey or navy in colour.

Optional uniform

Compulsory PE kit

Academy PE shirt – navy
Academy PE shorts or skort – navy
Academy PE socks
Trainers for PE with non-marking soles

Optional PE kit

Academy tracksuit bottoms – navy
Academy long sleeve PE top – navy
Academy PE rain jacket
Shin guards
Pupils who play Enrichment rugby will need a mouth guard

Hairstyles and jewellery

Only one simple necklace of recognised religious significance is permitted. One pair of small, plain stud earrings is allowed. Piercings of any other sort should be done at the beginning of the Academy Summer holidays and must be removed before the start of the new term in September.

Hair colour should not be altered to such a degree that it is not of a natural colour. Extreme hair styles, including shaved patterns and designs are not appropriate for the Academy.

Where to buy

The Academy uniform can be purchased from:

Rough Cut Casuals, 6 Chapel Street, Islington N1 9EZ (020 7837 7924)

Opening times

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Thursday: 10am to 2pm
Sunday: 10am to 3pm

Buy online

Buy online from Direct Schoolwear or Rough Cut Casuals