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MiSST 5th anniversary Practiceathon: is your child up to the challenge?

10 January 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

The Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST) is celebrating its 5th Anniversary in April 2018. Three highly successful Radley Residentials have been funded by MiSST and the number of students benefiting from this high quality orchestral experience has increased each year.

To date, over 240 students have benefitted from the Radley experience. This year they are planning three residentials over 10 days for up to 240 students from all of the MiSST Schools.

This year Music in Secondary School Trust funders have pledged to support the MiSST Residential Programme by donating £25,000. To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of MiSST in April 2018, they would like Year 7 and 8 pupils to show their appreciation and enthusiasm by aiming to match this amount through sponsorship.

Currently 3,500 students are provided with an instrument and music lessons through MiSST funding and if each student was able to raise a minimum of £10 by being sponsored for the practice they do each day, then we could raise a minimum of £35,000.

MiSST are asking for each pupil to find friends and relatives to sponsor their practice for 20 days between 14 January and 5 February 2018.

The challenge is for your child to find as many sponsors as they can and to have parents or teachers verify that they have practiced for 20 days out of 24 for 20 mins from Sunday 14 January until 5 February 2018.

SMMA Year 7 and 8 challenge: Can you meet the individual student challenge to raise the highest amount money in your school?

We are asking your child to raise more than a minimum of £10, so please ask them to complete the sponsor form and help to make the 2018 Radley Residential a great success.

Yours faithfully

Ms F Collins
Head of Music

Please download:

MiSST sponsor form
MiSST Practiceathon record sheet 2018