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Majeda Clarke

majeda clarkeWhat type of governor are you? Co-opted.

Why are you a governor of St Mary Magdalene Academy? Because I’m an Islington resident who cares passionately about the provision of good education within the area. Also, as the Academy will be a brand new school, it is in the unique position of setting standards and creating a positive educational ethos from the beginning. As a teacher myself, its an exciting opportunity and a challenge.

Which subject at school did you love best – and why? English, of course, which I went on to study at degree level and then to teach. I love reading, learning about new worlds and unknown lives, fictional or not. I also love language, the way it is so dynamic and how it can be used in such creative ways. My other favourite subject was history, again because the breadth of learning in history meant that I was never bored. I am still an avid reader of history books today.

What’s your favourite book of all time? Two books for very different reasons: James Joyce’s Dubliners, and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. The former because of the beautiful, lyrical language and evocative description of Dublin. The latter because of the originality of style and brilliant development of ideas.

Who was your most memorable / inspiring teacher at school? My English teacher, such a skilful communicator who made books come alive. She also introduced me to many new books that I would otherwise have been ignorant of.

What’s your favourite: chocolate or ice cream? Most definitely chocolate.

What are your hopes for St Mary Magdalene Academy? That it develops into an exciting and thriving school that challenges all pupils in their learning.