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Lockdown and emergency procedures

15 June 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

In the light of recent terror attacks and local concerns about security, I wanted to communicate some important information to you about our preparedness for an emergency situation.

Schools are advised to have procedures to respond to various types of emergency that may occur at the school or on a school trip. These procedures are regularly reviewed and revised with advice from external agencies regarding best practice.

The Academy has a Lock Down Policy which all staff are familiar with. In addition, we are communicating the key action points of this with pupils during Family Time this week. Clearly we are always trying to balance informing the pupils with avoiding any excessive anxiety. I am writing to advise you about the Family Time sessions this week so that you may discuss it with your child, if your child has any concerns.

In addition, the London Church Schools (LDBS) have shared a ‘safe haven’ list of over 55 schools across London so that when pupils are on a trip in other parts of the City, they will have a safe haven available to them should there be a suspected or actual terror attack.

Finally, as a relatively new build, the Academy has a good system of security doors and signing in. Please understand that the Receptionists will always ask you to sign in for meetings and to wear an identification badge, even as a visitor, during school hours. At off-site events, for example our upcoming sports day, we will ask you for identification. Please be understanding that these actions are designed to ensure the safety of your children.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact Helen McMahon, Director of Pastoral.

Yours faithfully

Ms V Linsley