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Photo of author Nayanika Mahtani meeting pupils in the SMMA library
Author Nayanika Mahtani meets pupils in the SMMA library

KS3 readers enjoy a masterclass with author Nayanika Mahtani

15 December 2017

Indian author Nayanika Mahtani gave a masterclass for keen readers and writers on Wednesday 6 December.

After growing up in India and living in Africa, Nayanika moved to London where she lives with her family and two goldfish named Sushi and Fishfinger. Her fascination with travel, history and other cultures is reflected in her brilliantly entertaining novel, The Gory Story of Genghis Khan: Aka Don’t Mess with Mongols. The novel was the subject of the masterclass.

After the informative, fun-filled talk, pupils enjoyed meeting Nayanika and asking questions about her books, and discovering tips on how to start writing their own pieces of literary work.

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