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Homework is a crucial part of supporting each child to be academically successful. It is our aim to ensure that homework equips our learners with the study habits and skills to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes in the ISEB, GCSE and A level exams.

This year, the Academy has decided to move to an online homework platform which allows teachers, pupils and parents access and opportunity to produce high quality homework.

Teachers can set quizzes, spelling tests and differentiate work for the needs of the classes, leaving helpful comments and grading work almost instantly. Pupils can reply to comments and are able to check off ‘to do’ lists and organise themselves around their deadlines. Parents can see for themselves what their children have been set and are given the best possible understanding of what their children need to do to be successful.

This platform is called Show My Homework and every pupil and parent has their own login. You can also see the whole school homework calendar here.

Pupils and parents can download the Show My Homework app for their phones and this means that pupils can always check in on what they need to do. It means that homework doesn’t disappear and pupils always have access to the resources that teachers can share with them.

If you have any questions about Show My Homework or about the Academy’s approach to setting and completing excellent homework, please email Mr Steven Sumner, Director of Teaching and Learning.

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