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Photo of Years 10 to 13 students at an Alpha session
Years 10 to 13 students at an Alpha session

Helping our students find big answers

30 November 2017

Every Friday after school, we’ve been holding an Alpha session open to all students from Years 10 to 13. These friendly and informal events aim to give our students a chance to explore life from a Christian perspective. Each session begins with a short film that prompts the students to discuss some big questions about life.

In our first session, students watched a video entitled Life: Is this it? Then we all considered:

If you had 24 hours to do anything, what would you do?

What makes you happy?

If it turned out God existed after all, and you could ask one question,
what would it be?

In response to the first question, some students suggested they’d like to scuba dive. Another student had the idea of travelling to different time zones in order to get more than 24 hours! In response to the second question, someone said being loved is what makes them happy. And in answer to the third question, one student wanted to ask why they were created and what is their purpose in life.

Students have been very positive about these thought–provoking sessions, saying:

‘It’s a great chance for young people to interact with each other and express opinions about big topics that might not come up otherwise.’ Matthew, Year 11

‘They’re a completely informal and fun way to talk about the things that interest everyone.’ Junayde, Year 11

‘I found Alpha interesting, it gave me and my friends a chance to interact with older and younger years.’ Ghazal, Year 11

If you’d like to watch the film, and think about your own answers, you can see it here.

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