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End of term letter

22 July 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

As the summer term draws to a close I am delighted to be back at the Academy full time from my secondment to Ofsted. It has been a great privilege to work in the London region Her Majesty’s Inspectorate team and I hope that the insights I have gained from that work will enrich the work we do here.

The end of an academic year is always tainted with sadness as we say good bye to colleagues. I am of course sorry to see Mr Hadley leave the Academy. We joined the Academy together in 2009 and he has done a really fantastic job as Deputy Headteacher and as Acting Headteacher in my absence. He is off to start his own school in South London and we all wish him well with that.

Other changes that most directly affect parents are in our Head of Year posts as they are the first port of call after your child’s Guardian. The team will be as follows:

Mr Ford Head of Year 7
Mr Jasper Head of Year 8
Mr Brown Head of Year 9
Mr Walmsley Head of Year 10
Ms McNiven Head of Year 11

Miss McMahon has been promoted to the post of Director: Pastoral, leading the Heads of Year and Mr Reardon has been promoted to lead the academic team as Director: Academic.

The Executive of the Trust has mentioned the secondary school’s sixth form results in his letter to the whole Trust community and we are indeed very proud to have pushed up the boundaries of results once again for the IB Diploma. In reality that means brilliant University places for the individual students, something that is very much at the heart of our academic mission. We await the August GCSE and A Level results with anticipation and hope to have good news there too.

Please remember that being part of a community is also part of our mission and we do that in all sorts of ways. One of those ways is our annual photography competition open to pupils, parents and staff. There are cash prizes for each category of entry, but the real community part is the autumn exhibition when we get to look at all the entries and have a little insight into what others find interesting or captivating.

Please click here for further details regarding the competition. Entry is super easy, just email your picture and include your child’s name and year group, or if a parent state ‘parent of name of child’.

Please find below a few reminders from Mr Boxall about uniform before you buy any new items for September:

• Shoes should be polish-able plain black leather school shoes. Vans, Converse, and other leisure style shoes are not suitable
• House blazer ribbons need to be sewn on securely and smartly so that they remain in place all year. Most dry cleaners do a great job for only a few pounds
• Extreme hair styles are not permitted. This includes shaved sides or patterns ‘cut in’ and hair dyed to an unnatural colour
• Any piercings should be done at the start of the holiday so that they can be removed for school. Only one small stud/ear is permitted
• Coats should be plain black or navy. Any logos should be no bigger than the one on the blazer.

The full uniform list can be found on the website or in your child’s planner.

Finally, as I look out of my office window, some of your children are scaling a giant climbing wall in the playground as one of the final week’s activities- I hope they have all had a great last week of school and enjoyed having sunshine-filled experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. I wish you a wonderful summer holiday.

Yours sincerely

Ms V Linsley