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Year 5 Autumn term letter

22 September 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome to Year 5! We hope everybody has had a great summer holiday and is ready for the new academic year.

Unit of Inquiry

This half term our central idea is:

Man-made structures have played an important part in human expression throughout history

To gain an understanding of this central idea we will be focusing on the following lines of inquiry:

• The structural elements of building design.
• Properties of building materials.
• The aesthetic features of different buildings.
• The historical and cultural significance of different buildings.


We will begin the year studying the story of a man on a wire, ‘Philippe Petit’, which links in with our unit of inquiry and should make for some great writing. We will then move on to writing information texts linked to architecture and will be using the text ‘From Mud Huts to Skyscrapers’ by Christine Paxmann.


We will be covering various aspects of Numeracy this term, building on and introducing new skills and strategies to the children. It is vital this year that all children can recall their multiplication facts up to 12x12 quickly so please encourage this at home (as well as the use of Mathletics if you have internet access). Our key instant recall fact for this half term is decimal number bonds to ten. Please read the letter your child brought home introducing this new learning concept.


This term we will be learning about the religious buildings of different religions around the world. After half term, we will be exploring celebrations in Christianity and other faiths.


This term the children will be taking part in P.E. lessons during P.P.A. time. This will be on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child comes to school with their P.E. kits on Monday, to be taken home and washed every Friday.


It is recommended that children read for a minimum of 15 minutes/night. This may be out loud to someone at home or, as is the case with many year 5 children, to themselves. We do encourage children to take out books from the school library which is stocked with a huge range of different texts and works on a 2 week return or renew system. If a child does not return/renew a book within the given timeframe parents will be contacted to help assist with the return of the book. In year 5, we will also be running the Reading Road Map Scheme which is designed to encourage children to read for enjoyment and offers a range of 60 carefully chosen, contemporary texts for children to take home and read.


Ten spellings/week will be given to children to take home and learn. They will follow on from the spelling rule that we have been learning in class the previous week and will be tested each Friday. Each child’s test score from the previous week will be written on their current spelling sheet therefore enabling you to keep up to date with your child’s progress in this area whilst offering that valuable support at home.

Other Homework

This will alternate between Maths and Literacy on a weekly basis and will link to what the children have been studying in class that week. Additionally, Unit of Inquiry homework will be handed out to do over each holiday before the new unit begins.

There will be times throughout the year when we may need additional adult support, either on trips or during classroom activities. Please can you let us know if you would be happy to be called upon in these instances!

Dates for your diary

• PTSA Welcome BBQ – 3.30 – 5.00pm - Thursday 21 September 3.30- 5.00pm
• Jeans for Genes day - Friday 22 September
• Sir John Soane’s Museum trip – 09.15 am – 01.00pm Thursday 05 October 2017
• Harvest - MPH – 9.00am Friday 13 October
• Individual photos Friday 13 October
• Parents evening - Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18 October
• Break up for half term – Thursday 19 October
• Inset day – Friday 20 October
• Millfield Theatre trip – Tuesday 07 November
• Year 5 Class Assembly – Friday 24 November 03:00 pm
• Cinderella Christmas Show in school - Thursday14 December

If you have any questions or concerns about your child and their learning please do not hesitate to come and speak to me and I look forward to working with all the children again this year.

Yours faithfully

Mr Berridge
Year 5: Class Teacher




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