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Year 4 Autumn term letter

22 September 2017

Dear Parents/ Carers,

I would like to introduce myself and to welcome your child to Year Four. It’s an exciting year, with a lot of opportunity to grow and develop.

Essential Agreement

One of the first things we have done as a new class is to work collaboratively to develop our Essential Agreement which we believe will create a positive learning environment and happy classroom for the year! An Essential Agreement is a collection of positively framed statements devised by those who will be directly affected by them. To do this we talked about our golden values; how we learn best; how we should act in the classroom and around school; how we should interact with each other and the adults who work with us. From this discussion we were able to develop agreements about how we will support each other to be the best we can. I think you’ll agree that our ‘Essential Agreements’ are positive and reflect a culture that enables all children to develop self-management skills.

Unit of Inquiry

This half term our Unit of Inquiry is called ‘Cities’ and has the central idea:

Various physical and human influences affect the characteristics and the way in which cities develop around the world

We will be exploring:

• Patterns of human settlement
• Reasons for the growth of towns and cities
• Characteristics of cities, past and present
• Improving our urban environment

The children will finish the unit by creating their own city by drawing a map and writing down their justifications for why they have constructed their city in that way.


Our main maths lessons will focus on calculation methods; symmetry; translations and co-ordinates and fractions. We will also have a weekly lesson, focussing on that term’s Key Instant Recall Facts. Please see separate information sheet for more information!

There are also many excellent online games to help children learn their tables quickly and securely (try searching for ‘penguin jump’ or ‘meteor multiplication’) but there is no substitute for discussion of maths in context: ‘If we’ve walked for ten minutes and the library is about twice as far still to go, when do you think we will get there?’ Don’t forget to keep practising Maths skills by using Mathletics to compete against other children in the class, school or around the world!


We will spend the first part of the term focussing on short stories written by Shaun Tan, before discussing script writing and Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox. In Year 4 we have daily whole class guided reading sessions which focus on reading comprehension skills. As well as this, your child will have frequent opportunities to read independently and with friends. Please do continue to also read with your child at home and help them to remember to update their reading record. Any notes or messages you make in their record are always appreciated.

PE and Swimming

The class will be having regular PE lessons on Thursday afternoons. They should bring their PE kit in on Mondays until Fridays to allow for extra lessons that may become available! Swimming began on Wednesday 13 September. Please ensure a full swimming kit is brought in on every Wednesday.

Homework and Spellings

Homework will be set on Fridays and will alternate between a piece of Maths, usually directly related to the week’s work, or Literacy, which can be a comprehension, grammar, or a piece of free writing . Homework should be brought back into school in their blue folders by Tuesday. We have a shared googledrive account for the school which is a good place for children to save any computer-based homework to save paper and to prevent loss of memory sticks. Your child’s password and username will be sent home along with their reading record.

Spelling homework will be sent home weekly in their yellow spelling folder and will consist of 10 words that children should practise daily, and then practise using these words in sentences.

Diary Dates

• Jeans for Genes day – Friday 22nd September
• Harvest Festival –MPH - 9.00am Friday 13 October Liverpool Road Entrance
• Individual Photos – Friday 13 October
• Parent’s Evening- Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 October
• Last day of Autumn term 1- Thursday 19 October
• INSET day- Friday 20 October
• Flu Vaccine- 29 November
• Y4 Class Assembly – Friday 1 December, 3.00pm
• 14 December Christmas Show in school Cinderella

Thank you for all your support and interest in your child’s education. Please feel free to contact me through the school office, schedule a meeting, or speak to me in the playground if there is anything with which I can help.

Yours faithfully

Fionnuala O’Reilly
Y4: Class Teacher




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