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Year 3: The Tempest

7 March 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

The Tempest – Wednesday 22 March 2017

As you will know, your child is taking part in a dance performance of The Tempest by William Shakespeare. The performance will take place on Wednesday 22 March at 9.30am & 1.15pm in the Multi-purpose Hall (entrance in Liverpool Road). Tickets, priced at £2 each, will be on sale in the primary office from Friday 10 March.

The children will need to be in costume and we need your support. All students in Black/Navy tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a white t shirt.

Please can you arrange for your child to bring their costume to the Primary department on Monday 13 March in a labelled carrier bag.

Costumes make a huge difference to the visual element of a performance and therefore your support in providing these is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Ruth Luzmore
Primary School Headteacher