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Year 2 spring term letter 2018

12 January 2018

Dear Parents

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and I wish you a very happy new year!

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful gifts we all received at Christmas, they were all very thoughtful and much appreciated.

This term we will build on the key literacy and numeracy skills covered in the Autumn Term as well as provide a broad and enjoyable curriculum through our unit of inquiries.


In numeracy the children will continue to study all areas including problem solving, quick strategies to solve addition and subtraction, doubling and halving and telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks. We will also be focusing on using our times tables. Many children are quick at recalling the 2 times table now so we will move onto the 5s and 10s, and then counting in steps of 3. The majority of children have made great progress with their tables and are clearly making an effort to learn them at home.

Your child should know the tables in order; 1x2 is 2, 2x2 is 4 etc as well as in a random order. Learning the corresponding division facts is also important; for example, if I know 3x2 is 6, then I know 6 divided by 2 is 3. Good knowledge of times tables will help your child in other areas of maths including doubling and fractions.

Here is a great website that the class enjoy using. It is very effective in improving children’s recall of the times tables. We are also currently working towards finding half and double of numbers greater than 10, understanding the process of partitioning such numbers to do so, and recalling these facts quickly. This is our Key Instant Recall Fact for this half term which we will send home next week, once it has been taught in school fully.


In literacy we are focusing on information texts, recounts, instructions and recounts. We will continue to improve our use of adventurous vocabulary including powerful adjectives and also the use of adverbs (these describe HOW an action is done e.g. the courageous knight fought bravely in the battle with the dragon).

Year 2 will also continue to use question marks and apostrophes more accurately, although using basic punctuation skills independently (full stops and capital letters) is still an important target for children in Year 2. Handwriting remains a focus and we will continue to practise forming each letter correctly and consistently in size. The children have been putting a lot of effort into joining most of their letters.


Phonics will continue each morning using the Sounds Write approach. It is very important that children arrive on time for school as this begins sharply at 9am. Many children are making good progress both in their decoding (sounding out) and their comprehension (understanding of the text). When you read with your child at home, please ensure that you are signing their reading record and talking lots about the book; discussing any unfamiliar words, predicting what may happen and asking questions that require a deeper level of thinking. Some children are also enthusiastic about reading other books at home which are not from school. These can be recorded in your child’s reading record too if it is appropriate for their reading level.

Unit of Inquiry

Our central idea for the first half term is:

Understanding the physical laws of forces and motion helps us to use them in different ways

We will be focusing on the following lines of inquiry:

• Different types of forces
• How forces work
• How forces affect everyday life


P.E. will take place on Wednesday afternoons. It is essential that children have the correct kit at all times, in particular tracksuit bottoms when it is cold, and trainers. Please make sure your child has these items in their P.E. bags and they bring their kit to school every Monday.

End of KS1 Assessment information meeting

On Thursday 25 January at 4.30pm there will be a meeting for parents about the KS1 SATs. Please be assured this is not something to be worried about or to put unnecessary pressure on the children over.  It is a tool, along with the rest of their school work, used to assess the level that children are working at now. There are useful websites and support books that can be used to help your child prepare that I will discuss at the meeting but also supporting your child with their homework, their maths, reading and handwriting is beneficial preparation.

Dates for your diary

• Half term 12 – 16 February
• Inset day – Monday 19 February
• Parent Evenings – Tuesday 20 February & Wednesday 21 February
• World Book Day – Friday 2 March
• KS1 OAE Concert – Friday 9 March
• Last day of Spring term – Thursday 29 March
• First day of Summer term – Monday 16 April
• The Shakespeare production, Hamlet - 22nd March, 9.30am – tickets only
• Year cake sale 17 May, 3.30pm

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

Miss Eastlake
Year 2 Class Teacher




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Photo of Primary pupils in one of the stagings of Hamlet

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