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Year 1 Summer term letter

9 May 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

Welcome back to Summer Term. I trust that you all had an enjoyable and festive Easter break as well as finding some time to enjoy the sunshine. This term in Year 1 we will continue to build upon key literacy and numeracy skills covered so far this year. Please read the below regarding our learning for this half-term.


For the first half of the term we will be focusing on Fairy Tales and Diary writing, linking to our Unit of Inquiry. We will discuss the characteristics of Fairy Tales focussing on Rumplestiltskin and creating our own version of the story. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring children are writing all sentences with a capital letter and full stop and discussing how to write effective simple and, for some children, compound sentences. We will continue to practise writing letters of correct formation, shape and size, paying particular attention to the height of certain letters. 

Sounds Write will continue each morning to ensure that all students are capable of decoding (sounding out) words, whether they be real or make believe. In mid-June the students will be tested on their phonics knowledge where they will read 20 real words and 20 pseudo (made up) words.


In Mathematics we will build upon key number concepts looked at already this year. The children will continue to be exposed to different strategies in order to add and subtract numbers as well as looking at ways of sharing or grouping numbers (multiplication and division). We will revise fractions, paying attention to finding half and a quarter of objects or of a number. The children will compare, describe and solve practical problems for mass/weight of objects as well as measuring and recording the capacity and volume of containers.

Unit of Inquiry

Artists express their feelings through creative media

To gain an understanding of this central idea we will be focusing on the following lines of inquiry:

• Different emotions and feelings
• Expression through light and sound
• Expression through creative media

Click here for the mind map.


Children are asked to continue practicing their spellings for the Friday spelling test. These spellings are closely linked to the phonics sounds which we have been learning that week. There are a number of children who are not revising their spellings at home. This is a huge element to helping them with their reading and recognition of sounds in words and the combinations of letters which make different sounds. Support at home in necessary for some children to achieve their best in Friday tests and improve their reading.

Reading books will continue to be changed on Tuesday and Friday. Please do make a comment in the reading diaries to communicate any concerns, questions or reading gains you think your child has made. This is a fantastic way to record your child’s progress. Book bags should be in school every day as we may listen to the children read any day of the week.

A small amount of work will be handed out on Fridays. The homework should always be returned by the following Wednesday. This will support the work which we have been doing in school during the week.


This term the children will continue to have Gymnastics on Mondays and Games with Coach on Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure P.E kits are in school every Monday. They will be sent home on Wednesdays.

Dates for your diary

• Year 1 Cake Sale – Thursday 18 May at 3.30pm
• Trip to the Zoo – Tuesday 6 June
• PTSA Summer Fair – Thursday 22 June
• Class Assembly – Friday 23 June at 2.45pm
• Sports Day – Tuesday 4 July
• Whole school photo – Wednesday 5 July
• Language Celebration Week – Monday 10 July
• Display Evening – Thursday 13 July
• Last day of Summer term – 21 July

Thank you for your continued support and help in the education of your child. Please continue to speak to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Yours faithfully

Ayesha Nagra
Year 1: Class Teacher




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