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Year 1 National Gallery visit

14 June 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

As part of our current Unit of Inquiry exploring how we express our feeling through creative media, we will be visiting The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square on Friday 22 June.

During the visit the children will take part in a workshop. They will practise their observational and visual literacy skills by focusing on three paintings from across the gallery. The paintings selected will give an overview of the time frame, genres and themes included in the collection. Pupils will also explore changes in style, content, and painting technique over time, developing the skills to start exploring on their own.

Please ensure your child comes to school on this day with a packed lunch. If you would like an Academy packed lunch, please indicate below.

We will be taking the underground to the National Gallery and plan to leave the Academy at approximately 10.05 am and we will arrive back by the end of the school day.

Your child will need to wear Academy uniform and please ensure that they have suitable clothes for the weather on the day (waterproof if it is wet).

If you would like to come and help with the trip please indicate on the permission slip below.

Yours faithfully

Miss B Melgarejo
Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 1 – National Gallery
Please return to Donna Edmead, Primary office

I give permission for

Child’s name:

to attend The National Gallery visit on Friday 22 June and understand that s/he will be travelling by tube. 

I would like an Academy packed lunch for my child: Yes / No (please circle)

I am available to help with this trip: Yes / No (please circle)

Parent/Carer signature:





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