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10 March 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

We are writing to you because it has come to our attention that children in Year 6 have been using social media apps inappropriately in the last few days.

We would like to remind parents and carers to be vigilant when your child/ren are online. Please also be aware of age restrictions on social media sites and apps and ensure that your child is not on a site that they are too young for. For most sites the minimum age is 13 years old. In this instance, children were using WhatsApp which has a minimum age of 16.

I’d like also to draw your attention to our ICT policy, which sets out our expectations of how pupils inside and outside school should conduct themselves online.

Do not put anything hurtful online. This includes anything that can be regarded as racist, sexist, abusive, bullying, intimidating or inflammatory.

Do not post or send offensive, inappropriate or revealing pictures of yourself or others.

Be courteous to others online. Block unwanted contact and always report abuse. Always evidence abuse by taking screen shots and saving texts and emails.

No letters, emails, photographs, cartoons, text messages, jokes or other electronically generated documents may be generated or circulated which in the reasonable opinion of the Head Teacher are considered to be offensive and/or intended to bully, harass or intimidate any other pupil(s) or staff member(s) on websites such as You Tube, Twitter etc. Failure to keep to this expectation will result in the school’s disciplinary procedure being applied and may lead to a serious sanction.

We will continue to talk with children about these issues, and take seriously any incident which comes to our attention, but please spend some time talking with your child about how they use social media sites and apps. The NSPCC has an informative website for parents about social media. Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Ruth Luzmore
St Mary Magdalene Academy Primary




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