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The Exhibition

27 May 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

The Exhibition – Tuesday 18 July, 4.30pm

A requirement for SMMA children, at the end of Year 6, is to conclude their journey through all of their Units of Inquiry, from Reception to Year 6, with their final Unit: The Exhibition.

The Exhibition is an in-depth collaborative inquiry.  Children will work together to undertake an extensive investigation into a real-life issue that combines global significance with local relevance.

The transdisciplinary theme for the Exhibition is ‘Sharing the Planet

The children will work in groups to write their own central ideas and lines of inquiry based upon the issues that most interest them.  Over the coming weeks they will follow the stages of the inquiry cycle to ask questions, find information, sort and analyse their findings and make reflections. In class we have already discussed some of the issues that the children feel strongly about, whether it makes them angry, passionate, curious or just an area that particularly interests them. They have discussed some particularly relevant (often controversial) topics in a very mature, articulate way, and it is clear there are some areas in which they will clearly be able to use as their motivation towards an incredible Exhibition project.

The culmination of this unit is an exhibition evening where each group will be responsible for displaying their findings in a format of their choice, interacting with visitors elaborating on their presentation and providing an information leaflet.  This evening is a time to celebrate the process of inquiry and presentation that the children have been involved in. 

Your child will be expected to carry out further research and complete tasks at home. Your support and assistance during the coming weeks would be, as always, very much appreciated. Please ask your children what lines of inquiry they are interested in pursuing (they have already indicated this in class). Discuss their ideas, thoughts and plans for their inquiry and what action may come out of it. 

I would like to take this opportunity to formally invite you to attend the Exhibition Evening on Tuesday 18 July.  We would like parents to arrive at 4.30pm to have the opportunity to see the work that the children have produced.  Afterwards, there will be pizza to celebrate all of the children’s efforts. 

If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to come and speak to me. 

Yours faithfully

Laurence Standing
Deputy Head of Primary




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