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8 January 2015

Paul Hollingum writes

A big thank-you to outgoing Chair of Governors, Revd Lucy Winkett. And welcome to Simon Walsh and Professor Joy Hinson.

At the end of December we said farewell to Revd Lucy Winkett, who has been our Chair of Governors for nine years. She was appointed before we opened and she has led us through each exciting state of development.

Lucy has been a dedicated, committed and outstanding support to the Academy; she has been a rock upon which the Academy has grown. She has provided both support and challenge to the leaders throughout the Academy. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done.

Over the last 12 months, with the addition of our new school, The Courtyard, there has been a change in the way we are governed and as a consequence Lucy will be replaced by two people.

Simon Walsh will become Chair of the Partnership Trust Board which holds all the different members of our family to account. Professor Joy Hinson will become Chair of the Academy Governing Body.

Simon was ‘head hunted’ by our sponsors, the LDBS, and already has experience of chairing another school’s Governing Body. Joy has been a Governor of the Academy since before opening and was in fact the Chair of Governors of our predecessor Primary School. We will be in good hands.

Revd Lucy Winkett responds

The past nine years have been extraordinarily rewarding, being so closely involved in the growth of the school from a building site into the Academy, and now with the addition of the Courtyard and Early Years.

As I leave, I’d like to thank all the staff past and present for making the development of this Academy such an amazing experience: I know that our young people have benefitted hugely from your skill, pastoral care and professionalism and will do so in the future.

Particular thanks from me go to Paul Hollingum and Vicky Linsley, together with my fellow governors and now, Trust Board members, who have been fantastic to work with.




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