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Photo of pupils at the book awards

Secondary and Primary pupils visit book awards

4 November 2014

A group of Primary pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 visited Mount Carmel school on Monday 23 June to celebrate the Kate Greenaway awards and choose the best picture book of the year.

The pupils presented to the other Islington Primary Schools, dressing up as their favourite characters from the shortlisted picture books and reading key quotes that summarised their characters personality.

Osian Thompson from year 4 dressed up as the blue crayon from The Day the Crayons Quit, by Oliver Jeffers and read the quote: “I can’t even see over the railing in the crayon box anymore!”

Rachel Luogon from year 6 attended as the girl from The Paper Dolls, by Julia Donaldson & Rebecca Cobb’s, reading out the following: “But along came a boy with a pair of scissors and he said, ‘I’ll snip you’.”

And Adriana Daley from year 5 posed as the ‘dark’ from the book, The Dark, by Lemony Snicket, reading: “Come closer, even closer”… “In the basement”.

Mrs Rooney’s year 7 class attended the afternoon Carnegie event, also held at Mount Carmel, along with a number of other Islington Secondary Schools. The class presented their beautifully crafted mood boards to the audience, capturing key facts, characters and images from each of the eight shortlisted Carnegie books.

The pupils were then lucky enough to listen to the teen author Sam Enthoven talk about the process of getting his books published and what inspires him in his writing.

This was a great day out for all involved, celebrating the many great books published each year for children and teen readers.

Miss Wallace

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