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Reception class spring term letter 2018

12 January 2018

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back! We’ve had an amazing Autumn Term. The children have settled in beautifully and are comfortable and happy with the routines and expectations.

This term our Unit of Inquiry is ‘How We Organise Ourselves.’ Our Central Ideas is: ‘Our journeys can take us many different places and keep us connected to people.’ To gain an understanding of this central idea we will be focusing on the following lines of inquiry:

• We can use different forms of transport to go to different places.
• We are connected to people and places that are not in London.
• We need to make preparations when we go on a journey.
• We can use our imagination to take us to different places.

Communication and Language

The children will be continuing to develop their speaking and listening skills through their play and adult-focussed talk sessions. Our Friday Show and Tell will sometimes be themed to give an opportunity for your child to bring in something from home that links to our Unit of Inquiry. We will be focussing on using extended sentences with some descriptive details in presenting our special object.


We shall continue to change your child’s reading book twice a week. However please remember to send in their reading books and reading diaries everyday so they can be heard at any time in class. Please listen to your child read their book and talk with them about what is happening in the story every night. Encourage them to point at the word that they’re reading and use their letter sounds to sound out unknown words. When you have heard them read please write a comment in their reading diary to tell us what they did well and anything that your child found challenging. This only needs to be a short couple of sentences. Our library day is Friday, when your child will bring home a book for you to share together (these will not always be books that they will be able to read yet). These will be changed every 2 weeks.

We are continuing our SoundsWrite. phonics scheme. This will include learning new phonemes, blending and segmenting words, handwriting practice and reading and writing activities. On top of this we do have a real push in writing this term and will be writing postcards, letters and stories.


The children will be learning to do simple addition and subtraction by counting on or back. We will be encouraging the use of mathematical language and mark-making to solve practical problems. We have an interactive pictogram showing how they come to school and will be analysing it daily. The children will be using descriptive language to compare size, weight, capacity, quantities and talk about the properties of 3D shapes. They are continuing to learn lots of different songs and we are encouraging them to use numbers in their play as well.


Reception class will continue to have P.E. on Monday afternoons.  Please remember to send their P.E. kits in with them on Monday morning and ensure all items of clothing and belongings are named.  We will send them home every couple of weeks for washing. They also have a dance session with Abi Rosser on Tuesday mornings.

Dates for your diary

• Half term 12 – 16 February
• Inset day – Monday 19 February
• Parent Evenings – Tuesday 20 February & Wednesday 21 February
• World Book Day – Friday 2 March
• Last day of Spring term – Thursday 29 March
• First day of Summer term – Monday 16 April
• The Shakespeare production, Hamlet - 22nd March, 9.30am – tickets only
• Reception Class cake sale – 5 July, 3.30pm

Thank you again for all your support. We’ve had a lovely autumn and we’re really looking forward to this exciting spring term. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to ask one of the reception class team.

Yours faithfully

Ayesha Nagra
Reception Teacher




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Photo of Primary pupils in one of the stagings of Hamlet

Acting and dance After a term's worth of rehearsals, the Primary School stage two stunning performances of Shakespeare's Hamlet