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Photo of SMMA pupils at the Kate Greenaway Awards
SMMA pupils at the Kate Greenaway Awards

Pupils celebrate picture books at the Kate Greenaway Awards

10 July 2015

A group of pupils were accompanied by Ms Baker-Spencer, the Academy Librarian, Ms Wallace, and a parent to the annual Islington Kate Greenaway Awards event on 22 June. This year, it was held at the Islington Arts and Media School, an excellent venue where the pupils took part celebrating the eight shortlisted picture books with other Islington primary schools.

The morning started off with a workshop with the author/illustrator John O’Leary, leading pupils through a creative session where they made their very own pop-up book page. The pupils then moved into the theatre, where they presented their ideas on their favourite 2015 Kate Greenway shortlisted books.

Year 4 pupils, Nethum Senaratne, Tom Taylor, Eve Radford and Madeline Smith, chose Shaun Tan’s Rules of Summer as their favourite book, writing poems and creating face masks related to their favourite pages.

Year 5 pupils, Henry Ho, Lina Uddin, Reuel Guzman and Rebecca Aguirre Gomes, wrote a rap on the book Jim’s Lion by Russell Hoban.

Year 6 pupils, Amber Coley, Ria Triantafillidou, Malcolm Low and Aysegul Celik, presented poems, diary entries and a poster on the book Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell.

This was a lovely morning, where pupils really engaged with the shortlisted picture books and enjoyed taking part in the event. Please see below some of the writing the pupils presented on the day.

Goth girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell

Dear Diary,

Today is my first day of being a ghost, and my first time talking to a human. That’s a bit weird but she did help me, and she was quite pretty. So I guess I owe her my claw. I don’t know? Would she betray me? Anyway talk negative. Oh no. Let’s talk positive! How about the fact I can go through walls! That’s what I call fun! Anyway I have to go Ada is calling me, she’s the girl I was talking about. Bye!

By Aysegul, Year 6

A ghost of a mouse,
inside her house,
that’s where her journey begins.
Through the vile paths, she travels a mile,
a house filled with moths,
is a perfect place for the Goths.
This haunted house
is where this mouse,
was taunted to die.
A house full of lies,
allowed Ishmael to die.
Now he spends his time,
and lends a claw,
to the one and only GOTH GIRL!

By Malcolm, Year 6

Jim’s Lion by Russell Hoban

In the hospital bed,
drinking hot chocolate,
going to the wildest dreams,
that have never happened before.
I’m a little boy who has many friends,
monkey, seals and many more.
There’s a lion that scares me very much,
there are gorillas over there saying hi and bye,
and the roaring lion, RAHHHHHHHH!
Run, run boy before he eats you up.

By Henry and Reuel, Year 5

Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan
The Last Olive

A million pairs of eyes,
watching me closely,
as I reach for the small, vulnerable olive.
I suddenly realise,
with a terrible shock,
that the room is closing up around me.
My brother grasped my hand
and murmured in my ear,
come on, let’s get out of here!

By Eve and Madeline, Year 4

A giant ugly lizard,
made by tin can wizard.
Using mechanical tools,
with help of midget fools.
A tiny long worm,
full of little germ.
A spiky crocodile,
spewing electric bile.
A giant iron lizard,
causing a lightning blizzard.
An orange Cyclops tin,
made of an eye and a bin.

By Nethum and Tom, Year 4

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