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Primary School staff team

All our staff are committed to provide quality care and academic support so that each of our children feel happy at school and are able to make the very best progress possible.

At the beginning of every school day, our Headteacher, or another member of the leadership team, along with teachers and teaching assistants are in the playground to greet children and parents. You will also find staff present in the playground at the end of every school day too.

Sound recruitment processes and high quality professional development work well to ensure that all of our staff are equipped to provide an excellent provision for all of the children during their primary years.

Teacher: Zoe Barbour (Ms)
Teaching Assistants: Sandra Bull, Chiara Scarpini

Year 1
Teacher: Ayesha Nagra (Miss)
Teaching Assistant: Michelle Bolden, Davina Browne

Year 2
Teacher: Verity Eastlake
Teaching Assistant: Maria Ronchetti

Year 3
Teacher: Phelisia Grindrod
Teaching Assistant: Emma Kyriacou

Year 4
Teacher: Adam Berridge
Teaching Assistant: Linda Vaso

Year 5
Teacher: Joshua Spencer
Teaching Assistant: Rosie Foley

Year 6
Teacher: Laurence Standing
Teaching Assistant: Lynn Woods

Pupil Premium Teacher for Maths: Sheila Faucett

Cover Teacher for Year 1 and Year 6: Martin Nouch

Receptionist: Donna Edmead
Chaplain: Revd April Keech
Attendance Officer/Learning Mentor: Sharon Baker-Spencer
SENCO: Ceni Gilmore
SEN Teacher: Rosey Hastings
Music: Jack Allinson
Librarian: Odnoo Adiyadori
PE: Zac Roswell




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