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Primary School results

Our 2015 results for the end of Key Stage 2

We are very proud of all our children’s achievements as they progress through the school and here are our results for the children at the end of Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 2 results

As you will see we have much to celebrate both in terms of attainment (the levels the children attained) and progress (the measure between what was achieved at the end of Key Stage One and Key Stage 2).

In attainment, we are above national averages in every subject and at every level; in our progress we are either above the national progress level or significantly above national progress level.

These results demonstrate the year on year achievements that our children make from when they start with us in Reception Class. As each child moves through the Primary School, their progress is carefully tracked so that we have as fuller picture as possible of what they can do and what they need to do next.

In class, work is carefully differentiated so that it is pitched at the most appropriate level for every individual. If a child is not achieving, either their expected level in attainment, or their expected level of progress, then a further comprehensive range of interventions are put into place.




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