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Paul Zaphiriou

paul zaphiriouWhat type of governor are you? Foundation.

Why are you a governor of St Mary Magdalene Academy? I am the Vicar of the parish in which the Academy is located.

Which subject at school did you love best – and why? I loved English, because I really enjoyed reading, and writing, too. Reading a good book was like entering a new landscape and it was always so exciting to engage with different characters, situations, feelings and places through prose literature, theatre and poetry.

What’s your favourite book of all time? Apart from The Bible, it has to be The Odyssey by Homer.

Who was your most memorable / inspiring teacher at school? Mr Barrett. He was my senior English teacher and he loved Shakespeare; he made Shakespeare’s plays come alive in the most direct, extraordinary and vivid way.

What’s your favourite: chocolate or ice cream? My favourite is soft(ish) dark Italian chocolate with hot chilli!

What are your hopes for St Mary Magdalene Academy? I hope that the Academy will become a real centre for growth in pupils’ lives and learning, a model of how to relate in community and in relationships, an inspiration to its staff, to the parents and carers, and a guardian and promoter of Christian values and of responsible citizenship.