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Photo of the Multipurpose Hall in use

Join our club for reduced rates

Take advantage of reduced rates for using our facilities between Tuesdays and Saturdays (and free hire on Mondays) for just £30 a year per person, £50 per family or £100 per organisation. You are eligible to join if you are one of the following:

• Student or parent at the Academy
• Member of St Mary Magdalene or St Luke’s churches
• Local resident in 2-10 and 15-75 Bride St, 3-33 Lough Rd or Crossley St

Here’s a comparison of the membership and non-membership prices (per hour):

Member: £15 / Non-member: £20

Drama Studio
Member: £30 / Non-member: £30

Multipurpose Hall
Member: £50 / Non-member: £70

Multi-use Games Area
Member: £50 / Non-member: £70

Sports Hall
Member: £50 / non-member: £70

Interested in joining? Complete our application form.