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Photo of Year 11 pupils on their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition
Year 11 pupils on their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition

Apply for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award!

6 July 2017

Have you thought about applying for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

The DofE Award is a prestigious, nationally recognised scheme founded by HRH Prince Phillip – the Duke of Edinburgh himself!

SMMA is proud to be a part of it, with pupils undertaking Bronze Award (in Year 10), Silver (in Year 11) and Gold (in Sixth Form).

Each participant has their own DofE leader to guide their journey, and activities including volunteering in the community, sports, learning new skills, and an expedition to Epping Forest in Year 10, and the Brecon Beacons in Year 11.

We’re encouraging Year 9 pupils to sign up now for the Bronze Award – starting in Year 10 in September 2017.

Why sign up? Good question! From the first day to the last, your DofE Award will be an amazing adventure. Every section gives you something different – that’s the fun of it.

You’ll enjoy many activities, discover talents you never thought you had, challenge yourself and meet people just like you (and completely different to you). It’s a real buzz – and you’ll achieve an award that’s recognised by universities and employers alike.

The closing date for applications is 14 July. Places are limited, and the Award is always popular, so if you’d like to consider it, talk to Ms Braybrook or Mr Hakki now.

Here’s what our current DofE participants think:

Zac: The DofE achievement is very impressive. I wanted to do something that would give me new skills and refine ones I already have. I also wanted to experience something that is rare for someone who lives in London.

Zoe: I aimed to develop a better understanding and appreciation of nature. I’ve developed my teamwork and leadership skills, and also improved my map reading.

Junayde: I’d like to gain photographic skills of the flora and fauna, by bringing my camera and producing good photos.

Temi: As well as increasing my teamwork skills, it’s developing my awareness of outside life – and my friendships with my fellow campers.

Owen: Putting this on my CV shows people that I can work in a team and complete the work needed.

Natalia: On the expedition, I learned new skills like pitching and striking a tent, and how to set up a trangia.

Eve: I wanted to gain camping skills as I’ve only ever camped once before, and to be able to navigate without an adult.

Nelson: I wanted to fully immerse myself in a primitive lifestyle. It was a good chance to develop my leadership skills, and I achieved a great sense of pride as I tackled adversity and continued to push when the going got tough.

Sophie: My aim was to become confident with navigation, camping, cooking in the open, and first aid. I learnt many things, such as a better understanding of children during volunteering, and learning to survive whilst camping.

Maverick: It’ll be seen as impressive during job interviews and college and university applications. And it’s a fun experience!

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