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Andrew Caspari

andrew caspariWhat type of governor are you? I was appointed by the London Diocesan Board of Schools.

Why are you a governor of St Mary Magdalene Academy? I believe we have an opportunity to create a distinctive school with an ethos and high standards that will offer all students a chance to fulfil their potential. I am delighted to have the chance to use my skills and experience to help bring this about.

Which subject at school did you love best – and why? It depended on the teaching, but generally I loved economics, geography and languages. They just gave me the best window on the world and seemed more relevant than other things. My real passion was sport – being part of a team meant the world to me. Even though I wasn’t by any means a star, I loved the competition, teamwork, fresh air and I was quite keen on winning.

What’s your favourite book of all time? I would probably say the complete works of Shakespeare. There are plays I can see over and over again and they a constant source of inspiration and enjoyment. The works of Albert Camus had a huge influence on me. With my children I have had hours of fun with Winnie the Pooh!

Who was your most memorable / inspiring teacher at school? I had a great chaplain, Rev. David Scott. He is a poet. He was always full of surprises, passion and tolerance and was definitely not part of the establishment. “Taffy” Barling taught French and RE. We just talked a lot. You did not realise how much you were learning just by intelligent conversation.

What’s your favourite: chocolate or ice cream? Chocolate. I was once addicted but am better now… most of the time.

What are your hopes for St Mary Magdalene Academy? This is a school that can give all children chances to succeed across a wide range of academic and other activities. It will have an ethos which will give it a special atmosphere and which students will carry with them into the rest of their education and beyond.


Photograph in the Community Art Project by the parent of Lois

Private view This year's Community Art Project has inspired a fantastic number of entries from pupils, parents, staff and our wider school community