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Ofsted reports for the Courtyard

Our latest Ofsted report, from May 2017, is here:

St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard

The Ofsted Report and Monitoring Visit Report can be found on the Ofsted website.

St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard

Writing about the most recent Ofsted monitoring report (2016) on the Courtyard School, Deborah Shepherd, Headteacher of the school, says:

‘The commentary points indicate that the school is constantly improving its provision:

• The school has implemented a focused teaching, learning and assessment model which tracks the progress of each individual pupil from their KS2 results

• Regular evaluations of the quality of teaching, learning and assessment takes places by the Headteacher and governors, which allows school leaders to make informed judgements on the quality of provision.

• Behaviour of the pupils in lessons and around the school is good. Sixth form pupils were able to describe their learning and aspects that they enjoy.

• Teachers work well with pupils to support their individual needs. Your teaching staff are now more confident in checking the progress made by pupils. They work well together to consider appropriate actions to support the learning of all pupils. Role models of stronger practice are developing.

‘The Governors and I are committed to moving the Courtyard school to securely ‘Good’ and you can be assured that we will follow the advice given by this team on what we need to do to ensure this and the advice and support of our external advisers to achieve this status as soon as possible.’